1. Is this a men’s club?
    Hmm, no, do these still exist? This is a group for men & women who appreciate the exotic car lifestyle. The 100|OCT Club is open to all, and members are encouraged to bring guests of any and all genders.

  2. Where is it?
    The 100|OCT Club goes where the action is: Fashion show in San Francisco? We're there. Monterey Car Week? We're there too. Visit of the Mozart Foundation Museum? Well, it won't come to us, so we're also there!

  3. What is the policy for inviting guests?
    The 100|OCT Club is for exotic car owners and enthusiasts, so there's really only one extra seat for a guest so members may only bring one (1) guest to Club events at any time.

  4. Is there a dress code for the Club?
    Well of course there is: you need to wear your best car at all time!

  5. How much does membership cost?
    At this time, there is only one level of membership: the Paddock Membership. It includes access for member and one guest to the two monthly events we organize: one a drive, the other a social event. The one-time initiation fee is $2,000. It is waived for the first 50 members to sign up. Once a member, the monthly dues are $200 a month. You can also prepay for 6 months and save $200 or prepay for 12 months and save $500.

  6. Will membership be limited?
    Absolutely. Our goal is to gather people at events that are busy but not crowded. No one wants to come to an empty event, but no one wants to be stuck in a stampede. At this point, we assume our monthly events will be suited for somewhere between 50 and 75 members, so we won't sell more than 100 memberships at this point.

  7. I'm {insert your age here}. Are there other members my age?
    If you answered with anything over "21" and under "cold and dead," then yes, there are members your age. For what it's worth, the average age of our members is 40, but we have members in their early 20s and members in their late 70s. 100|OCT prides itself on the diversity of its membership.

  8. How long has 100|OCT been around?
    We will celebrate our 4th anniversary at the world famous Monterey Car Week in a couple of short months.

  9. How do I see the events and learn more?
    Until we are at full capacity for our events, you can also buy entry to each event. Hint: it is less advantageous than to actually be a member, but we're pretty sure you'll like them and become a member in no time. And if you want to sign up for an event before deciding to become a member, your entry fee to that event will be applied toward your membership.

  10. Why aren't all events included in membership?
    Membership only includes our monthly events. We sometimes organize special events like our yearly 100|OCT Experience, our annual visit to Monterey Car Week, and more to come in 2016. These events have costs well beyond what this membership could cover, so including them in this membership would not make financial sense.

  11. What if I want to attend the special events not included in membership?
    Membership in the 100|OCT Club automatically gets you a 10% discount on all our special events.





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