At 100|OCT Cars and Croissants, we have cars and croissants (of course), as well as coffee for all the car owners.

Because of the smaller size of our venue, Cars and Croissants is only open to exotic cars (modern *and* classic).

There is a fee to display your exotic car at this event. For $50, you get access to our VIP Hospitality area (located by the fountain in front of Left Bank) where you will have coffee, croissants, magazines, and a lounge area available for you. You can pay at the door but we recommend you reserve your spot in advance so you can be sure to be on the list and so your spot can be guaranteed. We are also limiting the number and models of cars allowed per brand.

Visit our Picture Gallery for 100|OCT's Cars and Croissants on The Row to see what our show usually looks like!

Read up on our last 100|OCT's Cars and Croissants on The Row for 2015 and see how we got three McLaren P1s, one Ferrari LaFerrari, one Porsche 918 Spyder, one Pagani Huayra, one Ferrari Enzo, and THE ONLY McLaren P1 GTR in the country to show up to wish 2015 good bye!


9AM to 12PM


Santana Row is called the Rodeo Drive of Silicon Valley. It provides:
- Coffee shops, if a paper cup while standing is your thing;
- Great restaurants with full breakfast/brunch/lunch menus, if you’d rather have a sit-down meal;
- Retail stores, if your significant other is not into cars, he or she can shop while you chat with your fellow car enthusiasts.

Exact dates for 100|OCT Cars and Croissants on The Row are:
– Sunday December 23, 2018 – 9am to 12pm
– Sunday February 24, 2019 – 9am to 12pm
– Sunday April 28, 2019 – part of the 100|OCT German Festival – 9am to 12pm
– Sunday June 23, 2019 – part of the 100|OCT Italian Festival – 9am to 12pm
– Sunday August 25, 2019 – 9am to 12pm
– Sunday October 27, 2019 – part of the 100|OCT British Festival – 9am to 12pm
– Sunday December 22, 2019 – 9am to 12pm


Exact address is:
Santana Row (at Stevens Creek Blvd)
San Jose, CA 95128



Platinum Sponsors for Cars and Croissants' 2019 Season are:
BRM Chronographes, handcrafted timepieces "made in France"

Gold Sponsors for Cars and Croissants' 2019 Season are:
SS Customs always showcases their newest and coolest wraps
- California Wheels has all your wheels, tires and brakes covered

We also have event sponsors who come just for a month. Check each Facebook event for a full list.