100|OCT Cars and Croissants - Spot Reservation


100|OCT Cars and Croissants - Spot Reservation


We are opening a reservation system. Cars and Croissants will remain free on the day of the event, but if you want to reserve your spot and BE SURE to have the spot available on the day of the event, a $50 reservation fee is being implemented. Because of the event being overrun by cars we weren't expecting at our 2016 season opener (as well as a couple of times in 2015), we had to turn away people who had RSVP'd and notified us correctly. These people were understandably upset and we can't have that again.

This reservation system will apply number limitations to each brand for a total of 80 spots, so that we can fill the appropriate sections in the North block.

The reservation system above will apply to the North block while the South block will remain open to be filled AT THE DISCRETION OF THE ORGANIZER with:
- Headliners
- Sponsor cars
- Notable cars that contact us (via Facebook, Instagram, SMS, email or our website) prior to the event.

Though this $50 pre-registration will obviously go toward the costs of running the event (insurance, security, models, marketing, etc.), we are NOT implementing this to make additional money, but to make sure that people are serious about RSVP'ing. If someone pays $50 to reserve a spot, they will be more serious about showing up or notifying us if they won't. People who haven't reserved a spot will also hopefully be more understanding when told that empty spots have to remain empty for owners who paid to reserve a spot.

We can only be yelled at so many times, so let's keep this fun! :-)

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