The 100|OCT Team

Benoît Boningue, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Benoît founded 100|OCT in 2012 as a result of seeing the passion that Silicon Valley has for exotic cars. He created drives and events for the enthusiast community to come together. Coupled with his love of exotics and supercars, he has had extensive experience in Silicon Valley's tech industry, serving primarily as Product Manager for companies like Vivendi, Netscape, Oracle, Palm, and Nook. Having moved from France to the Bay Area in 2000, Benoît got his first taste for exotics back in his hometown at a Ferrari Club de France gathering in 1990. It was an unforgettable ride during that event in a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa that set him on the trajectory that would bring him to where he is today. He will never forget the looks, the sound, the handling -- all of it was so much more than he anticipated.  As they say, "you never forget your first."


Matthew Mountford, Community Director

After a 2-year stint as lead interface for one of our sponsors, Matthew joined the 100|OCT team itself in 2019. An entrepreneur by nature, he has a knack for leading teams in an empowering and effective manner, tapping into the skills each member brings, and making sure the caliber of execution is high so we can deliver the most memorable automotive experiences for all our clients. With extensive retail experience with various luxury lifestyle retail brands (Franco Uomo and Donald/Pliner among others), a deep understanding of marketing, writing, and publishing skills acquired while running his own Helium Magazine, coupled with organizing fabulous fashion shows and being a great entertainer, Matthew brings valuable skills to our team.


Britteney Reynolds, Event Director

Britteney joined 100|OCT in 2018 with a background in modeling and event management. Between magazine photo shoots and walks down the runway, Britteney was running events for a VC incubator in Silicon Valley. Her passion for cars began at a young age.

Dimitri Volkmann, Logistics Director

Dimitri joined 100|OCT in late 2015, initially supporting the Cars & Croissants events at Santana Row. Dimitri is a technology enthusiast and is fascinated by innovation and edge technologies. Throughout his childhood, Dimitri witnessed his father's friends work on their cars, from an old Triumph that needed constant attention to a Citroën DS. He was always happy to be the handy boy who pushed the pedals in order to bleed the brakes! He developed a passion for Aston Martin through the James Bond movies while Formula 1 got him hooked on high performance cars, especially during the legendary Senna & Prost years at McLaren Honda. As a Technology Product Office Executive, Dimitri loves developing strategy and driving excellence in execution.

Joseph Rodriguez, Media Director

Joseph joined 100|OCT in 2016, after being invited to help staff one of our Cars and Croissants events at Santana Row. That chilly morning he witnessed the arrival of the US’s first McLaren P1 GTR and has been hooked on the exotic car lifestyle and supercar collections ever since. He is no stranger to speed though. His love for all things motorsports led him to work in a motorcycle racing center and join a LeMons race team as a pit crew member. He brings with him an extensive background in event production where he has acted as the creative director of live production at gaming conventions like GE2 and GuardianCon. His attention to detail and experience with event planning and directing virtual live streams also ensures 100|OCT events run as smoothly as possible and are visually compelling for video streaming and/or editing. Joseph graduated with a BS of Aerospace Engineering from San Jose State University and his goal is to work in the field of automotive aerodynamics, where cars are shaped by the wind.

Stella Kim, Customer Relationship Director

Stella joined 100|OCT in 2016 with an extensive background in luxury lifestyle services and events. She started off her career working in meeting planning and corporate conferences in San Diego. After working at world-renowned Pebble Beach Resorts for a couple of years providing world-class service to the ultimate luxury clientele, Stella joined the Coastal Luxury Management team that curates and produces the acclaimed epicurean events Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival and Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival. Her experience in luxury lifestyle events has allowed her to hit the ground running with the 100|OCT events and to have a big impact on the success of our social events. Stella has always been drawn to cars as she grew up listening to her dad’s love for exotics and having both Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance and Laguna Seca in her backyard.

Ryan Bray, Engagement Director

Ryan joined 100|OCT in late 2016, but he has had a love of fast cars since childhood. At a young age, his father would take him to Baylands Raceway in Fremont to watch drag racing and sprint cars. Movies and TV programs such as Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball Run, Dukes of Hazzard, and Knight Rider further strengthened his love for the automotive culture. As an adult, one trip to Monterey Car Week drove his passion to new heights where a love for supercars and exotics was born.  A chance meeting with Benoît provided Ryan the opportunity to experience supercars in an entirely new light. As 100|OCT's Director of Customer Engagement, Ryan is able to utilize his unique ability to make guests feel welcomed, while handling the pressures and challenges of dynamic situations.

David Chau, Ambassador

David joined 100|OCT in 2015. He has had a love for cars from an early age, starting with Hot Wheels and moving up to remote controlled cars. What solidified his love for cars was playing racing video games, which helped develop his interests with working with and around cars. This new-found interest brought him to a 100|OCT show and inspired him to help out around these beautiful exotic cars on display at the show. Discovering movies and TV programs such as Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball Run, the Fast and the Furious franchise, and Dukes of Hazzard also contributed to this passion for cars, which also influenced his choice in career: when he's not working hard on our 100|OCT events, David studies hard to become an Aerospace Engineer for a big automotive company.


Henry Shih, Ambassador

Henry joined 100|OCT in 2016 and has been involved with the car scene for a while. He first discovered his love for cars from the anime Initial D while he was growing up, and this love became a burning passion after he was able to see the actual cars in real life for the first time at the LA Auto Show. From then on, he would seek out opportunities to help out at car shows so that he could learn and be around the cars he loves more. One of the car shows he was a part of before they were canceled was the original car show: Cars and Coffee Irvine. With his extensive experience working car shows as well as large conventions such as Anime Expo, Henry is a great asset to help 100|OCT grow.